AARP Board of Directors

Eric J. Schneidewind, President

Joan R. Ruff, Chair

Libby Sartain, Vice Chair

Jewell D. Hoover, Secretary/Treasurer

Alicia Georges*, President-elect

Robert Blancato*

Annette Franqui

Neal Lane

Joseph F. Coughlin

Martha M. Hayes*

Janet E. Porter

Gretchen M.Dahlen

Lloyd Johnson

David M. Walker*

Beth Ellard

Timothy M. Kelly

Edward A. Watson

* Members of the National Policy Council

National Policy Council (NPC) Members

Alicia Georges, Chair

NPC Consumer and Livable Communities Committee

Lynn Ellen Young, Chair

Leo Asen

Janine Migden-Ostrander

Robert Blancato

Rita Saenz

James Coutts

Rafael I. Torres

Tedson J. Meyers


NPC Economic, Employment and Low-Income Issues Committee

John C. Ruoff, Chair

Diane Bell-McKoy

Thomas Joel Miller

Michael Eduardo Cortés

Alice J. Palmer

Mary F. Dillard

David M. Walker

William Kosturko


NPC Health and Long-term Services and Supports Committee

Sally Hart, Chair

Carlos Brandenburg

Mark Mustian

Rosemary Chapin

Barbara J. Sabol

Martha M. Hayes

Lucy Savitz

AARP Management and Staff

Jo Ann Jenkins, Chief Executive Officer

Policy, Research, and International Affairs

Debra B. Whitman, Chief Public Policy Officer
Sherita Alexander, Senior Executive Secretary
Britta Berge, Director, Strategy & Integrated Operations
Julia Elrod, Project Analyst
Meredith Hunter, Senior Advisor, Engagement & Integration
David Green, Business Operations Manager

Office of Policy Development & Integration

Sarah Lock, Senior Vice President

Dorothy Siemon, Vice President

Christina Smith FitzPatrick, Director, Economic, Employment and Low-Income Issues

Susanna Montezemolo, Director, Consumer and Livable Communities Issues

Brenda Sulick, Director, Health and Long-term Services and Supports Issues

Rachel Goldberg, Senior Strategic Policy Advisor

Shawna Banks, Executive Secretary

Nick Barracca, Policy Analyst

Sharene Johnson, Policy Integration Manager

Logan Ruppel, Policy Research Analyst

Lindsay Chura, Sr. Policy Advisor

Yvonne P. Tobias, Sr. Policy Integration Manager

Ian Hartman-O’connell, Sr. Policy Liaison


Public Policy Institute (PPI)

Susan C. Reinhard, Senior Vice President

PPI LTSS and Livable Communities Team

Jean Accius, Vice President

Rodney Harrell, Director, Livability Thought Leadership

Rita Choula, Senior Advisor

Shannon Guzman, Policy Research Senior Analyst

Lynn Friss-Feinberg, Senior Strategic Policy Advisor

Ari Houser, Senior Methods Advisor

Brendan Flinn, Policy Research Senior Analyst

Jana Lynott, Senior Strategic Policy Advisor

Wendy Fox-Grage, Senior Strategic Policy Advisor

Kathleen Ujvari, Policy Research Analyst

Bradley Gudzinas, Senior Methods Advisor


PPI Financial Security Team

Gary Koenig, Vice President, Economics

Lori Trawinski, Director, Banking and Finance

Jilenne Gunther, Senior Strategic Policy Advisor

Maxim Shvedov, Senior Strategic Policy Advisor

Catherine Harvey, Policy Research Senior Analyst

Cherri Thompson, Administrative Associate

David John,  Senior Strategic Policy Advisor

Neal G. Walters, Policy Research Senior Analyst

William Shiflett, Policy Research Senior Analyst


PPI Health Security Team

Lina Walker, Vice President

Leigh C. Purvis, Director, Health Services Research

Beth Carter, Health Services Research Sr. Advisor

Keith D. Lind, Senior Strategic Policy Advisor

Olivia Dean, Policy Analyst

Robert Neill, Administrative Specialist

Lynda Flowers, Senior Strategic Policy Advisor

Claire Noel-Miller, Senior Strategic Policy Advisor

Kate Gillespie, Health Services Research Advisor

Jane Sung, Senior Strategic Policy Advisor

Harriet Komisar, Senior Strategic Policy Advisor


PPI Strategic Initiatives Team

Julia Alexis, Vice President

Carlos Figueiredo, Senior Methods Advisor
Jordan Green, Project Manager
Carl Levesque, Senior Writer/Editor
Vivian Nguyen, Project Coordinator
Kim Sedmak, Policy Outreach Director

The AARP Office of Policy Development & Integration recognizes the significant input from AARP’s Government Affairs and States & Community Engagement groups, and other AARP staff, volunteers and members for their support of the production of the 2017–2018 AARP Policy Book.