Goals for livable communities funding


Funding for livable communities projects should be sufficient to:

  • ensure the availability of enough affordable, appropriate, and accessible housing to meet the community’s needs;
  • increase affordable mobility options for all residents of a community, including by establishing and improving public transportation investments(this also includes supporting rideshare programs and building pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure); and
  • create safe and accessible community features(including public facilities such as parks and public libraries).

Public funding for transportation, including the gas tax, should prioritize projects that:

  • increase the efficiency of the transportation system by reducing traffic and travel times,
  • increase public transportation and other mobility options,
  • improve the safety of the transportation system,
  • increase transparency and accountability, and
  • ensure that costs and benefits are distributed equitably.

Policymakers should support innovation and balance investments in new infrastructure with the need to maintain existing infrastructure.