Funding for repairs and modification


Funding should be provided for homeowners to repair, modify, and make the residences of older homeowners with low incomes more energy efficient. This would support their ability to age in place.

Policymakers should protect consumers from fraudulent or abusive home modification practices.

State and local governments should use funds from the Home Investment Partnerships Program, Community Development Block Grants, and Medicaid waiver programs to provide funds for homeowners for repairs and modifications. In addition, they should establish deferred payment loan (DPL) programs that enable older homeowners to improve the accessibility and habitability of their homes.

Weatherization: States should require public utilities to dedicate some portion of earnings to a weatherization fund that offers grants and DPLs to homeowners with low and moderate incomes. Technical assistance should be available to assist older homeowners in making necessary improvements and repairs.

States should develop new programs (or expand existing ones) that complement the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program by providing improved weatherization and residential energy savings for households with low incomes (see Chapter 10, Utilities: Telecommunications, Energy and Other Services—Assistance Programs).