Protection against housing discrimination


Federal, state, and local laws should protect people from all forms of housing discrimination. These laws should be fully enforced. 

States should revise or modify their fair housing statutes or regulations to conform to federal law, which no longer requires that residential housing offer “significant facilities and services” to qualify as “housing for older adults.” 

Enforcement agencies should create an expedited complaint process for cases in which time is of the essence, such as when the allegedly illegal denial of housing results in a person being retained in a nursing home or other institution. 

Congress should address any judicial decision that limits the protections of individuals under the Fair Housing Act and other civil rights statutes. 

Congress should require the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to withhold Community Development Block Grants or HOME program funds from jurisdictions that fail to affirmatively further fair housing or remove regulatory barriers (such as inappropriate zoning) cited in the consolidated plan.