Housing for people with disabilities


Governments should provide additional funds to build and modernize public housing in order to create adequate supportive housing options for people with physical and mental disabilities. 

Pet ownership: State and local governments should promote policies that allow pets in housing, subject to appropriate health and safety rules and regulations. 

Civil rights laws must continue to protect the right of consumers with disabilities to choose from the full range of physical settings and service models available in supportive housing. 

Housing for older adults: HUD should issue regulations that simplify and facilitate public housing authorities’ designation of buildings for older adults. 

HUD’s evaluation process should ensure that sites for federally assisted senior housing offer the best possible access to needed supportive services. They should allow project residents the opportunity to participate easily in the life of the community. 

HUD’s cost-containment regulations should not dictate the use of cheaper housing sites at the expense of long-term accessibility or safety for residents. 

Grandparents in subsidized housing: Policies on subsidized housing should be sensitive to the changing family needs of older adults who care for children and grandchildren.